Marjon® Products

Marjon Food Services

Marjon® handles all fruits and vegetables from rare to common.  The desire to branch out into other areas of specialty produce is a continuing priority.

All items are available to food service customers.  Retail Items will have a *

Apples Sliced and Diced
Prem Alfalfa Sprouts *
Prem Bean Sprouts *
Endive Bulk
Red Beets & Yellow Beets, Shred, Dice, Crinkle Cut, Whole
Black Radish
Broccoli Sprouts *
Broccoli Slaw
Bean Sprouts
Broccoli Slaw
Cauliflower Florets
Cantaloupe Peeled / Halved, Chunks, Diced
Carrots Whole, Peeled, Coin, Sliced, Diced, Shredded, Crinkle Cut, Sticks
Green Cabbage Chunks
Cabbage – Coleslaw Shredded
Cabbage, Green Diced w/Carrot
Cabbage – Red Shred 4/5
Clover Sprouts
Celery Diced & Stick
Collards, Shredded and Chopped
Corn Cobbetts
Celery Root
Cucumber, Whole, Diced, Sliced, Crinkle Cut
Edamame Shelled / USA *
Eggplant Diced, Sliced
Fajita Tri Color Peppers w/Onion
Original Burger, Franklin Farm *
Portabellow Berger, Franklin Farm *
Red Grapes
Fruit Medley
Celery / Carrots w/Ranch
Watermelon Cups, Chunks, Slices
Ginger Root
Honeydew, Whole, Diced, Chunks
Horseradish Bulk *
Jalapeno Diced or Whole
Jicama, Whole, Diced, Shredded, Sticks
Kale – Shredded & Chopped
Kimchee, Reg. & Hot *
Living Alfalfa Pint *
Alfalfa / Clover Turf
Mango, Whole, Chunk, Diced (Dry Pack or in Syrup)
Onion Chippoline *
Onions – Green Sliced, Tipped, Diced
Red Onions Whole , Diced, Sliced, Slivered, Slab, Kabob Cut
Onions Yellow Whole, Whole Peeled, Rings, Kabob Cut
Orange WHL Peel Dry Pk
Peppers – Green Whole, Diced, Sliced, Julienne, Hollowed Out
Pepper – Tri Color Mix Diced
Pepper – Poblano, Whole, Diced, Julienne
Peppers – Mini Sweet Whole, Diced
Red Peppers, Whole, Diced, Sliced, Julienne, Kabob Cut, Hollowed Out
Yellow Peppers, Whole, Diced, Sliced, Julienne, Kabob Cut, Hollowed Out
Pineapple, Whole, Sliced, Chunk, Peeled & Halved
Pearl Onion Mesh Bag *
Polenta Vrty Pk *
Red B Potato Wedge
Potato – Russet Wedge Dry Pk, Whole Peeled, Shredded, Diced, Crinkle Cut
Red Potato Diced Skin On, Whole Peeled, French Fry, Quartered, Shredded, Crinkle Cut
Potato Yukon Gold Peeled, Whole Peeled, Diced, French Fry, Quartered, Shredded, Crinkle Cut
Potato – Sweet Shredded, Diced, Peeled, Whole Peeled, Chunk, Quartered, French Fry
Parsley Root
Parsnips, Whole, Diced, Sticks
Radicchio *
Mango Salsa 1/5 GL Pail
Sangria Mix
Salsa – Pico De Gallo
Jimcama / Yellow Squash / Red Radish Blend
Cantaloupe, Lite Syrup or Grape Juice
Stir Fry Veg Bags *
Winter Vegetable Blend
Stir Fry – Marjon© Blend
Kale Salad Base
Broc / Red Pep / Carrot / Green Bean Blend
Cantaloupe / Honeydew Mix
Fruit Mix
Fruit Mix No Citrus
Grapefruit, Lite Syrup or Grape Juice)
Honeydew Chunks, Lite Syrup or Grape Juice
Mango Slices
Orange Sections, Lite Syrup or Grape Juice
Pineapple Chunk, Lite Syrup or Grape Juice
Shallots *
Snack Fruit 100 CT – Name Your Favorite Fruit
Baby Carrots Snack Pk
Green Pepper Snack Pk
Blueberries – Snack Pk
Butternut Squash Snack Pk 2oz
Snack Pepper MIX – Red and Green
Broccoli Florets Snack Pk
Cauliflower Florets Snack Pk
Cantaloupe Slice or Chunk
Snack Cantaloupe 50/4 Oz
Carrot Snack Pk
Red Cabbage Snack Pk
Carrots / Celery Mix Snack Pk
Celery Snack 1 Oz
Snack – Cherries 100 – 2oz
Celery Matchstick Snack Pk
Snack – Baby Carrots
Cucumber Snack Pk – 100 CT
Edamame Shelled Snack Pk
Grape Tomatoes Snack Pk
Honeydew Chunks Snack Pk
Jicama Stick Snack Pk
Kiwi Snack Pk
Carrot – Multi-color 1 Oz
Carrots – Multi-color Snack Pk
Cauliflower – Multi-color Snack Pk
Mango Chunk Snack Pk
Melon Mix Snack Pk
Snack Pk – 50 CT
Snack Pk Misc
Okra Snack Pk
Orange Slices Snack Pk
Parsnip Snack Pk
Pineapple Snack Pk
Red Grapes Snack Pk – 100 CT
Red Grapefruit Slices
Rutabaga Snack Pk
Sweet Potato Snack Pk
Sugar Snap Peas Snack Pk
Watermelon Radish
Squash – Zuchinni, Yellow, Acorn, Butternut – Sliced, Diced, Quartered, Coins
TOFU Crumbles *
TOFU Grilled *
TOFU Organic Firm
TOFU Extra Ex. 2 x Firm Organic
TOFU – Grilled Turkey Cutlets
Tomatoes – Red, Plumb -Diced, Sliced
Tomato – Green, Sliced, Diced
Turmeric Root *
Turnip – Whole, Diced, Sliced, Sticks
Fall Vegetable Blend
Hydrated Blackeye Peas – Seasonal *
Snow Peas
Rutabaga – Diced, Quartered, Sticks